Viraj Ponkshe

Viraj Ponkshe

Recipient of Canada’s ‘Mississauga-Malton Remarkable Citizen Award 2021’ and also recognized as an ‘Emerging Artist’ by Saatchi Art (the world’s leading online gallery), Viraj Ponkshe has always kept evolving his art on his creative journey.

As a Creative Director, he’s worked with leading advertising agencies on world-renowned brands. As a Prolific Painter, he’s embraced different nuances of life, like universal spirituality, contemporary themes and diverse philosophies.

This constant evolution gave birth to his unique style of ‘ZapinFusion’, the art of evolution. A powerful fusion of ideas, vibrant cultures and dynamic art styles, these creations have been showcased at art exhibitions in Paris, Switzerland, Toronto & USA and are on display in private collections and on corporate walls in India, Egypt, Kuwait, US and Canada.


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