Iris Santo

Iris Santo

Iris Santo is Toronto’s rising talent making a name for herself as an international DJ/Producer. She’s captivated international audiences since 2015 performing at Ultra Europe, Ultra Korea, BPM Festival Mexico, and top nightclubs of her second home in Tel Aviv. Profoundly inspired by industrial techno and futuristic sounds, the juxtaposing combination has been a distinctive trademark in her productions and mixes.

She became absorbed with electronic music at 19 and quickly fell in love with the rave culture. Her curiosity lead her jet-setting to electronic music festivals all over North America and realized her dream to one day DJ for thousands of people on a global stage. Determined to make her dream a reality, she bought a pair of turntables and learned the art of music creation and sound manipulation through vinyl eventually converting to the digital experience.

She has increased her global presence with strong techno releases in the past with Awen Tales, Unstuck Musik, Egothermia Records, and Soar Records. A true artist not playing by the rules, she is impacting electronic music with her own unique sound.


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